The DM N25 Series of glide slope antennas employ a grounded, center-fed loop as the radiating element. The resulting radiation patterns are symmetrical. The DM N25-2 is a dual connector version which incorporates a hybrid. This circuitry effectively isolates the two associated receiving systems providing protection against disablement of both systems in the event of failure in one system. The radiation pattern associated with each DM N25-2 antenna port is identical, so that no coupler drop-out problem during automatic landing occurs.

All DM N25 Series antennas provide complete lightning protection for the associated receivers. They are suitable for mounting either externally, or within a nose radome. The inherent 180° pattern beam may be modified slightly by the geometry surrounding the installation. The DM N25 antennas are recommended for installations in close proximity to radar dish installations since the antenna's (glide slope) sensitivity is relatively unaffected by dish motion.

It should be noted that the DM N25 antennas have mounting dimension requirements which are identical to similar function Collins and Sensor antennas. Since the mounting base-to-tip dimension of the DM N25 antenna is slightly less than the Collins and Sensor units, the DM N25 antenna is a direct replacement.
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